Technical and Facility Management

Complex technical and facility management necessary for efficient and economical management of industrial premises and buildings. Taking advantage of professional technical background, we operate and evaluate the processes and management with regard to the project implementation stage and individual customer requirements.

Technical and facility services ENGIE

Within the provision of comprehensive facility management services, the company follows the principles and methodology under the EN ISO 9001 quality certificate, the principles of environmental management under EN ISO 14001, and also guidelines for occupational health and safety under OHSAS 18001. ENGIE also has an industrial security certificate issued by the National Security Authority.

Technical management

  • Regular service of light current electrical appliances and security systems
  • Remote monitoring and control systems  
  • Refurbishment and optimization of light current and security systems
  • Regular functional tests, performance capability check and revision of light current and security systems
  • Regular maintenance and servicing of light current and security systems

Facility management

  • Integrated facility management
  • Administration services
  • Complex control and coordination of technical processes and auxiliary services.
  • Thermovision diagnostics
  • Energy management
  • Performance of PO, BOZP
  • Maintenance of exterior, gardening and plantation works, road maintenance
  • Help-desk / call-center/ 24/7 service
  • Waste management
  • Security, reception services, cleaning services, deratization, disinfection 

International solution

ENGIE provides complex facility management in more than 30 countries. At this moment we have wide protfolio of global clinets with total turnover over € 1 bill.

International solution is developed on the combination of team of global experts and knowledge of local market conditions.