Substation TR 110/22 kV Třeboradice: complete reconstruction

In the years 2013 - 2017 ENGIE carried out complete reconstruction of substation TR 110/22 kV Třeboradice. Project counted with modernization of the classic 110/22 kV transformer station which includes a new encapsulated gas-insulated 110 kV substation from Alstom. Substation is an important node of the electricity supply for the eastern part of Prague.


High voltage transformation: new habitats T101 and T104 for power transformers of 40 MVA, 110/22 (6) kV and chokes are designed as "open space", built-in on three sides and roofed.

110 kV Substation:
• In the new building of joint operations there was installed new substation 110 kV Alstom type F35 145 kV, internal, encapsulated, SF6 insulated.
• Substation has two main busbar systems in the range of 16 fields, slit with transverse busbar switch.
• The existing 110 kV substation was progressively dismantled according to the schedule, furthermore there was gradually removed the old steel structure and replaced by the new one. 
• Top lines 110 kV were linked through the new governors, disconnectors, surge arresters and cable terminals HV-cables and the new Al-cables with XLPE insulation cross section of 1000 mm2.
• The primary side (110 kV) of power transformers is connected by using the new Al cables with XLPE insulation cross section of 400 mm2.
• The secondary sides of power transformers is led to the new 22 kV substation and also to the existing 6 kV substation of Prague heating plant.

22 kV Substation: in the building of joint operations there was installed new substation 22 kV Siemens NX PLUS box with double busbar, SF6 insulated, in the range of 17 fields.

Protection and control system: protections of 110 kV and 22 kV ABB are linked by fiber-optics. Additional protections of 110 kV Siemens are also connected via fiber-optics. Switchboard panels are installed in the control room on the 3rd floor of the new building.

Customer: PREdistribuce, a.s.

Realization: 12/2013 - 06/2017

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