AR enclosures in 4b form

AR enclosures in 4b form

Universal open modular system allowing for configuration of enclosures that meet specific operating requirements.


  • Separation of bus bars from all functional units.
  • Separation of all functional units from each other.
  • Separation of terminals for external cables associated with a functional unit from terminals of any other functional units and busbars.
  • Separation of external cables from busbars.
  • Separation of external cables associated with a functional unit from any other functional units and their terminals.
  • External cables don't need to be separated from each other.

Electrical parameters

  • Nominal voltage 1000 VAC
  • Admissible load 2500 A
  • Short circuit current
  • Ipk max 90 kA

Mechanical properties

  • Level of protection IP 55, IP 20
  • Interior & outdoor application
  • Weight 120-195 kg
  • Admissible load 300 kg

Surface coating

  • Epoxy powder paint
  • Particle size min. 50 μm
  • Requirement-based shades or standard RAL 7035


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• Low voltage electrical systems up to 1000 V.
• Distribution panels where a customer requires higher level of human protection.
• Higher degree of protection against damage caused by external factors.
• Low risk of reciprocal damage of appliances.

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