By people for people

In April 2015 our parent company changed its name to ENGIE. As one of the world's leading energy suppliers, ENGIE develops its activities throughout the complete value chain of electricity and gas energy.

Our aim in all our business activities is to handle the great challenges of the future: meeting the demand for energy and fighting climate change, while using available resources efficiently. In the search for innovative energy solutions for individuals, companies and municipalities ENGIE relies on diversified energy sources as well as flexible and highly efficient power generation.

The Group employs about 150,000 people worldwide and in 2016 it achieved a turnover of 66.6 billion € .

ENGIE is a simple name that evokes the energy for all people in all cultures and which unites all our values and activities. The new name represents, and goes hand in hand with the transformation of the entire Group, on which we have been successfully working over a longer period of time. ENGIE is our new name which will be implemented across the whole Group.

More information about the ENGIE Group can be found at www.engie.com >>.

In the Czech Republic there three entities of ENGIE Group - ENGIE Services a.s.,  Tractebel Engineering a.s. and ENGIE Energy Management CZ s.r.o.